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viisights Showcases Behavioral Recognition Analytics Pre-Emptive Security Solution at GSX 2022

August 11, 2022 10:21 am

AI-enhanced Software Makes Any Existing Video System Smarter, More Effective


viisights, Inc., a global leader in behavioral recognition video analytics that deliver real-time video intelligence, is showcasing their advanced weapons detection, violence detection, threat detection, and personal and environmental safety solutions at GSX 2022 in booth #3951.

viisights’ unique video understanding technology utilizes deep neural networks to analyze video streams from existing video camera systems to automatically detect developing safety and security risks and raise near real-time alarms. The early notification of impending and real-time behavioral events of interest enables responders to take faster action, effectively reducing or eliminating negative outcomes from potentially threatening or harmful events.

viisights intelligent behavioral recognition video understanding technology is currently deployed in critical applications around the world to help create safer and smarter cities, enterprises, campuses, banks, financial institutions, critical infrastructure, transportation hubs, manufacturing facilities, and other virtual and public areas.

viisights provides intelligent real-time video analytics of video content captured by existing video cameras located in any public and private venue. The system processes and understands large numbers of video streams in real-time while providing insights and real-time alerting for a variety of actions, events, and scenes of interest. Behavioral recognition capabilities include detection, analysis, and notification of violent activity, suspicious activity, individual and crowd behavior, perimeter and protection control, traffic monitoring, and personal and environment safety.

viisights intelligent analytics can be deployed on-premises, or remotely as a service (SaaS) with general availability planned for the end of the year. viisights is currently beta-testing wise SaaS services with select customers. For more information, see our press release here: viisights Announces wise Behavioral Recognition Software as a Service.


“We are excited to engage with the ASIS community here at GSX 2022 to demonstrate our extensive portfolio of behavioral recognition solutions that are proving to greatly improve security and safety with extreme effectiveness and cost-efficiency,” said Asaf Birenzvieg, CEO, viisights. “In addition to delivering advanced pre-emptive solutions for physical security and safety applications, our behavioral analytics are also being applied to deliver new sources of business intelligence, further leveraging ROI.”


To schedule a demonstration with viisights at GSX 2022, click here:

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