Intelligent Analytics with Video Understanding Technology to Recognize Crowd Activity

Recent events around the world further illustrate the need for governments and organizations to gain insight on how groups of people are behaving. While most gatherings are peaceful events, they can indicate an important event of interest and some can quickly turn violent. Risks related to personal injury, public health safety, security, and criminal activity are cause for concern as property owners, organizations, authorities, and municipalities can be left financially liable. The sooner attention to crowds is given (e.g. violent or destructive crowds are detected and disseminated), the less likely there is to be widespread damage or injuries.

viisights advanced behavioral recognition video analytics provide the unique ability to identify crowds of user-specified sizes, understand their behavior, the context of their behavior relative to their surroundings and assess the need for crowd management.

Crowd behavior showcase

viisights Wise takes this data and level of video understanding a step further to:


Detect and classify groups

viisights unique video understanding technology identify three classifications of human groupings: “groups”, “gatherings”, and “crowds” based on a user-specified sized for each category. These user-configurable classifications help to reduce false alarms by configuring grouping alerts to suit the context. For example, a small group of 6-8 people at a playground is common, but at an airport could be cause for concern. These classifications can also help officials understand how quickly an event is growing, and if there is reason for concern or crowd management.

Detect group behavior

Understanding group behavior can help municipalities position law enforcement properly, set up appropriate crowd management measures and more. Employed by businesses, viisights technology can help managers understand how groups of customers move through the store and where additional staff should be stationed.

Classify group density to facilitate crowd management

Viisights’ ability to determine group density (classified as “low”, “medium” or “high” ) can be employed to facilitate crowd management and enforce social distancing mandates during public health emergencies and pandemics. When leveraged by retail stores it can be used to estimate queue wait times and their proximity to each other for public health preservation. It can also help businesses and authorities assess staff allocation, or cities determine how many police or inspectors to send to manage a crowd.

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