viisights wise provide automatic realtime understanding of video content captured by widespread surveillance cameras located throughout traffic control centers, roads, public areas, buildings, shopping centers, commercial and industrial zones. The system processes and understands large amounts of video streams in real-time or offline (investigative mode), while providing insights and alerts for a variety of actions, events and scenes of interest.

Customers can use the wise in a private cloud or via on-premise deployment. viisights wise is highly scalable, easy-to-use and efficient with GPU and CPU hardware. Real-time mode configuration supports thousands of channels per single account, where data intelligence is generated in near real-time (few seconds sliding window). wise is camera manufacturer agnostic and supports a wide range of video surveillance camera types.

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video camera angle diagram for video analytics solution
Violent Activity Violent Activity
  • People Fighting (multiple use-cases)
  • Brawl/Riot
  • Vandalism
  • Person with blood
  • Person with weapon (multiple use-cases)
Suspicious Activity Suspicious Activity
  • Contextual Loitering
  • Tailgating
  • Person abandons an object
  • Person with mask
  • Person Running/Walking/Falling/Laying on the ground
Person & Crowd Behavior Person & Crowd Behavior
  • Crowd classification by size
  • Crowd moving /gathering /dispersing
  • Occupancy Analytics Application
Perimeter Protection Perimeter Protection
  • Person entering/exiting predefined zone
  • Vehicle entering/exiting predefine zone
Traffic Monitoring Traffic Monitoring
  • Vehicle Counting Application
  • Vehicle Classification
  • Vehicle Behavior
  • Accidents and hazards recognition
  • illegals mobility (vehicle & person)
  • Traffic congestion
Environment and Personal Safety Environment and Personal Safety
  • Smoke/Fire
  • Person with/without safety equipment
  • Person in hazard
  • Equipment in hazard


Cognitive holistic analysis

Top-down, time-based and behavioral video understanding

Scene understanding – understand the complete topic of a segment in the video stream

Event recognition – recognize complex interaction between two or more objects

Action recognition – recognize object action.

Business Model

Software licenses (with 1, 3 and 5-years support packages)

Yearly Software subscription

Pricing by number of video channels and features

Deployment & Integrations

On premise and Cloud (SAAS ready pending market needs)

Video Streams via RTSP

Alarms with API or viisights’ alarm console

Integrated with Milestone, Genetec, Qognify, Verint, Immix and more…

Video Stream

Realtime processing with near real-time detections & alerts

Vendor camera agnostic

Preferred stream properties: HD, 30-60 degrees POV, 20 FPS, Lux>1.0