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Traffic Monitoring and Urban Mobility

As the number of vehicles on roads continues to rise, and traffic buildup becomes an increasingly pressing issue, cities around the world are turning to traffic monitoring video analytics to improve the safety, security, and efficiency of roadways and pedestrian traffic. These essential improvements have a direct and positive impact on the quality of life for urban residents – both from an environmental and convenience perspective.

Viisights unique real-time behavioral recognition technology, powered by Artificial Intelligence, makes use of existing video security infrastructure to identify transit issues like traffic congestion, overcrowded or underutilized public transit lines, public transit delays, and more. Armed with traffic monitoring video analytics, cities can make educated and informed decisions on how to best modify roadways, traffic patterns, public transit infrastructure, and more, putting citizen’s hard-earned tax dollars to good use. Moreover, with real-time video analytics, city traffic agencies can take immediate action to mitigate traffic congestion and issues.

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Below are just a few of the ways that viisights’ traffic monitoring video analytics are being used to improve the quality of life and urban mobility in cities around the world:


Traffic Monitoring Video Analytics

Vehicle Counting

Count and track the number of vehicles that passes through a specified area, lane, intersection, etc.

Vehicle Classification

Identify vehicles by their size and design, such as a sedan, truck, bus or bicycle

Vehicle-Human Behavior

Detect and identify people entering and exiting vehicles for abnormal behavior monitoring or data collection

Accident and hazard recognition

Detect and identify vehicle collisions, vehicles in restricted areas, vehicles driving against traffic (wrong direction), vehicles blocking the road, objects that might block human or vehicle mobility, and outdoor smoke or fire

Traffic Congestion

Monitor vehicle density (low, medium, high) in a specified area and alert operators when density thresholds are crossed


Urban Mobility

Crowd density

Estimate crowd density in an area and issue notifications when density thresholds are exceeded


Person(s) entering restricted area

Person(s) moving in the wrong direction