viisights behavioral analytics make transportation
terminals safer and smarter

The transportation industry faces many unique operations and logistics challenges from many different sources including terrorists, smugglers, passengers, and personnel – and now the new silent nemesis called COVID-19. Yet the industry continues to prevail by continuously reinventing itself through the implementation of new procedures and innovative technologies. Behavioral analytics is one of them.

Just walk through any airport, train or railway station, bus depot or shipping port and you’ll most likely see a large number of video cameras deployed throughout the facility. Many of these security systems are also supplemented with specialty IoT imaging and edge devices that collectively capture voluminous amounts of visual data. Unfortunately, much of the information captured by these devices is not being leveraged for proactive and preventive measures.

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Intelligent behavioral analytics make transportation safer.

viisights innovative behavioral analytics set a new benchmark in video intelligence by employing advanced Artificial Intelligence and deep learning algorithms that transform conventional video security monitoring operations into sources of proactive actionable intelligence. An infinitely scalable solution that works with any number of cameras, viisights behavioral analytics provide a highly pragmatic, efficient, and cost-effective solution.

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Viisights intelligent behavioral analytics can…

  • Automatically predict and identify events of interest
  • Protect restricted areas from unauthorized personnel
  • Identify weapon use and potentially dangerous packages
  • Recognize suspicious or non-social activity
  • Monitor and maintain occupancy limitations
  • Expedite passenger egress/entry
  • Improve logistics and operations
  • Reduce false alerts
  • Leverage existing investments in video technology