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Intelligent Behavioral Recognition Analytics Detect Violence and More

Violence at healthcare facilities seems to be on the rise. This puts healthcare workers, patients and their guests at risk – in environments that should be conducive to healing.

viisights advanced behavioral recognition video analytics can help curtail violence at healthcare facilities while providing myriad other health safety and facility operations benefits. A powerful and cost-effective Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven solution, viisights behavioral recognition video analytics employ advanced algorithms to automatically detect and help prevent potentially harmful and dangerous events from occurring or escalating further.

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Enhance Overall Safety at Health Care Facilities with Intelligent Behavioral Recognition Video Analytics

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Our powerful suite of behavioral recognition video analytics is ideal for a wide range of security, operational, health safety, and business intelligence applications including:

Violence an Threats Detection
  • – Violence detection
  • – Weapons detection
  • – Crowds or unruly behavior
  • – Vandalism or damage to property and equipment
Personal and Environment Safety
  • – Person down, including individuals falling
  • – Critical systems protection
  • – Environment hazards
  • – Fire & Smoke detection
  • – Exposure to hazardous materials
  • – Abandoned and objects left behind
  • – Personnel without PPE
  • – Clear pathways to emergency areas
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