Improve Banking CCTV Security, Making Financial Institutions Safer

The global pandemic of 2020, and the new world left in its wake, is ushering in a whole new set of safety and security protocols at highly regulated banking and financial institutions. For example, an individual entering a bank or using an ATM with their face covered would have been a loud and clear cause for concern at public facing banks and ATMs prior to 2020. Until just this past year, individuals entering a bank or enclosed ATM area covered faces would have immediately been flagged by banking CCTV security as an imminent threat. Now to the extreme, individuals who are not wearing a face mask are identified as a potential health safety threat. This is a new conundrum faced by security and operations management at banks and financial institutions as masks are all but mandated to enter most facilities, while security personnel and banking CCTV security need to be able to readily identify potential threats from people purposely looking to shield their identities by covering their faces.

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Intelligent behavioral analytics make banks and financial institutions smarter and safer

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    The ability for banks to effectively monitor front-of-house operations is also critical for back offices, cash handling areas and restricted areas. As well, maintaining high security is now compounded by the need to implement new health safety issues to ensure that employees and visitors are properly screened and in compliance with facility or corporate mandates and regional government regulations.

    Built on a foundation of advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms, viisights innovative behavioral analytics provide existing banking CCTV security systems with the ability to autonomously predict, detect, analyze, and report events of interest to authorized personnel in real-time, enabling an effective response to the event of interest. A fast and easy solution to implement, viisights behavioral analytics provide banking and financial institutions with a new and powerful real-time video analytics tool to cost-effectively improve CCTV security, health safety, and business intelligence operations.

    Financial Institutions and Banking CCTV Security Showcase

    Viisights intelligent behavioral analytics…

    • Automatically predict and identify events of interest
    • Protect restricted areas from unauthorized personnel
    • Identify weapon use and potentially dangerous packages
    • Recognize suspicious or non-social activity
    • Monitor and maintain occupancy limitations
    • Improve logistics and operations
    • Reduce false alerts
    • Leverage existing investments in video technology
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