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Making Schools Safe Havens for Education with Intelligent Behavioral Video Analytics

Schools and campuses may never be quite the same after the pandemic 2020-21. Many teachers and students struggled with remote learning, while school administration faced difficult decisions about when and how to bring students and staff back into facilities. Avoiding large crowds and ensuring social distancing are new challenges facing faculty as they navigate the first in-person classes in more than a year.

As we all welcome a return to “normal”, many of the same longstanding challenges continue to plague school administrators. The most severe and threatening issues being related to incidents involving active shooters and bullying, as well as the ability to better monitor and identify problematic situations such as fighting, vandalism, antisocial behavior, and other potentially damaging situations that impact learning environments.

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Making Schools Safe Havens for Education with Intelligent Behavioral Video Analytics

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Part of the problem lies with the intrinsic nature of medium- to large-scale video camera systems typically deployed at most schools and campuses. Such systems require trained personnel to continuously monitor live events, interpret situations and initiate appropriate actions. This is both an expensive and error prone proposition that is proving ineffective as a reliable preventive or protective measure.

New advances in behavioral analytics can resolve these issues, effectively making schools and campuses safer by automatically detecting events of interest – working and integrating with existing video management and access control systems for seamless deployment. This includes the ability to automatically initiate a lockdown in the event weapons are detected, potentially saving lives.

A new benchmark in intelligent video technology, viisights behavioral analytics are built on a foundation of advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms that detect and analyze video content in real-time.

The technology transcends conventional video applications for event video monitoring and forensics by providing actionable intelligence. This helps prevent incidents from escalating, dramatically increasing security and safety and minimizing liabilities.

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Viisights intelligent behavioral analytics can…

Reduce, detect, and prevent vandalism
Predict and detect anti-social behavior or violent activity and brawls
Improve emergency response times
Detect weapons before and after they enter your school
Improve vehicular safety
Protect restricted areas from unauthorized use
Analyze occupancy, group density, and social distancing
Improve environmental and personal safety
Leverage existing investments in video technology