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Weapon Detection ShowCase

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Detect and Help Prevent Violent Activities and More

viisights behavioral analytics, through the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, and deep learning, can recognize a person holding a weapon in both threatening and unthreatening positions. The presence of the weapon alone, not being held by a person, would not trigger an alert, but will when brandished or prepared for use. The behavioral analytics detect the combination of the position and the existence of the specific weapon, helping to eliminate false alarms.

viisights ability to automatically detect abnormal behaviors and/or events can initiate immediate remedial action via real-time alert notifications to authorized personnel – effectively helping to thwart potentially threatening incidents from escalating, while dramatically reducing false alarms, and increasing detection accuracy.

Eliminating false and nuisance alarms also allow security operations personnel to focus on real events of interest they otherwise would not have the time to provide.

  • – Behavioral Positioning Detection – “person holding a weapon”
  • – Supported Weapon Types: Rifle, Gun, Knife.
  • – Person size needs to be 20% of the screen height (30% for knife).
  • – Up to 5 seconds of detection delay.