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Intelligent Analytics for Environmental and Personal Safety Solutions

The global rise in population density is significantly increasing the number of daily events and occurrences affecting both personal safety and the environment – many of which pose significant potential threats to people, property and assets. Conventional means of detecting critical situations are typically reactionary, providing documentation of an event after damage has been done.

viisights intelligent analytics enhance existing video system technology to effectively identify potentially hazardous events as they are evolving so that they can be addressed before escalating further.

Although new video cameras and sensors may have some degree of embedded intelligence, such as the ability to detect objects or movement direction, they lack the ability to identify specific behaviors like a person or tree falling to the ground, detect unrecognizable objects, or identify attributes about a specific individual or vehicle.

Environmental and Personal Safety showcase video

viisights Environmental and Personal Safety Solutions…

Automatically detect smoke and fire outdoor and in areas where smoke detector is inefficient.
Automatically detects environmental hazards and abnormalities (e.g. a tree the is blocking a road).
Automatically detect individuals with/without safety equipment such as a helmet or uniform.
Automatically detect persons/vehicles entering unauthorized or restricted areas.
Automatically detect people or objects falling or laying on the ground.
Automatically detect individuals in hazard zones or near dangerous equipment.
Automatically detect when safe distances between workers are violated.
Automatically count people and monitor group density to maintain occupancy compliance.