Violence Prediction and Recognition for Video Security Applications

Using Innovative Behavioral Analytics For Violence Recognition

Most businesses around the world have come to rely on security camera networks as a tool for both forensic investigation of incidents and as a crime deterrent. As the cost of camera systems continue to decrease, large scale systems are becoming more and more prolific across many different applications. Unfortunately, cameras are image capture devices incapable of violence recognition or analyzing behaviors associated with crime, car accidents and other events of interest.

Conventional imaging and analytics solutions can detect fundamental events such as a person or vehicle movement but lack the ability to understand objects’ behavior and context required to recognise and predict upcoming or ongoing violence, or more important, detect abnormalities that indicate an event is evolving.

For example, two people who are physically close together, moving from foot to foot and intermittently coming into contact with one another could be a sports game in the park, embracing, or involved in combat. Conventional analytics only detect their presence without any interpretation of their physical activity.

viisights Wise, through the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and deep learning, can identify and understand a wide range of behaviors and potential threats, including the ability to detect violence in real time. These innovative behavioral recognition video analytics are helping organizations and municipalities around the world to help minimize and prevent crime, and other risks.

Violence Recognition Showcase

Here are just some of the behaviors viisights’ innovative behavioral analytics can identify and predict:


Violence Recognition

viisights advanced behavioral analytics identify physical altercations, defined as at least two people who are hitting each other. The video analytics identifiy hitting as hands moving towards the other person, touching and then disengaging, with the action being repeated numerous times. It can also recognize differing fighting styles including kicking, punching or wrestling in both indoor and outdoor settings.
Weapon Detection

Weapons Detection

viisights wise can recognize a person holding a weapon in a threating position. The presence of the weapon alone, not being held by a person in a threatening position, would not trigger an alert, but will when brandished or prepared for use. The behavioral analytics detect the combination of the position and the existence of the specific weapon, helping to eliminate false alarms.
Crowd In Action

Crowd In-Action

Large groups of people can behave in a wide variety of ways, most of them non-violent. Wise, an advanced behavioral recognition system, can learn to recognize suspicious behavior that can escalate into violent action in a crowd. For example, a large group of people pushing one another or otherwise acting aggressively for a specified period of time would trigger an alert. This allows security teams to take action before the situation erupts into a riot.


Vandalism costs tax payers and business owners, and viisights Wise is prepared to identify and alert system operators to end it before it escalates. By detecting an individual or group of people repeatedly throwing objects or hitting a surface, viisights is able to identify vandalism in progress and alert operators to take appropriate action immediately.

Learn more about how viisights innovative behavioral analytics can help with violence recognition, and detect, identify, and predict events of interest.

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