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Behavioral Recognition by AI for Fighting COVID-19 Transmission

March 25, 2020 7:10 am

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Covid19 hit the world unprepared for its consequences on the healthcare system and economic life. As a result, the number one priority for states is to flatten the infection curve and provide them with time. Essential policies adopted to achieve this are directed at changing and controlling human daily behavior. viisights has artificial intelligence-based solutions to help authorities enforce those policies, help prevent the virus spread and save lives while keeping their citizens’ privacy.

Covid19 is extremely contagious, recent statistics outline 1:2 ratio, plus the majority of the people that carry the virus don’t have any symptoms. Those two factors cause the virus to spread extremely quickly. The most effective way to-date to stop Covid19 from spreading is to limit and monitor people’s movement.

Guiding the public to avoid crowding, standing close to each other, shaking hands or hugging, using public transportation, sitting in restaurants or coffee shops, succeeded in slowing down Covid19 infection curve. However, for reducing significantly the number of infections and controlling the spread, citizens shall cooperate in full with authorities’ guidelines – complete lock-down or other extreme measures are required to control people and vehicle movement.

viisights can help authorities to fight the widespread of Covid19 by making sure people and people using vehicles are acting in public according to authorities’ guidelines which are essential for controlling the virus spread. 

Moreover, viisights can help maintain public safety and security in the face of continued economic constraints when necessities are harder to obtain or afford, resulting in intrusion, vandalism, robbery and violence.   

viisights products don’t recognize a person’s identity or the car’s license plate, but rather the general behavioral pattern of that specific person or group, and as such keep high level of privacy.

Product categories and sample functionality

  1. Crowd and Group Behavior
    • Crowding, crowd activity
    • Grouping, group activity
    • Queue monitoring with proximity distance between people.
    • Car pool alert – More than 2 people getting in/out of a car
  2. Suspicious Activity Recognition
    • Person with/without mask
    • Person falls/lies on the ground
    • Person in an area for more than specified time
    • Person to Person proximity
    • Person walking /running
    • Person with/without hazmat suit
  3. Violence Recognition
    • Vandalism
    • People fighting
    • Person with weapon
  4. Perimeter Protection
    • Person or Vehicle is entering /exiting a pre-defined area
  5. Traffic Monitoring
    • Abnormal road situations (Vehicle Collisions, Vehicle Stops on road/junction)
  6. Data for statistics and heatmaps
    • Prediction of possible outbreak areas
    • Crowded areas
    • High traffic or person movement areas

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