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viisights Providing Real-time Video Analysis for Ayalon Highways

January 5, 2020 11:12 am

viisights is one of the winners of the VAC2020, a video analytics challenge by Ayalon highways which serves as the operational arm of the Ministry of Transportation of Israel.

photo credit: Elad grobner

The goal of the challenge was to locate the best video analytics vendors in the market in order to use their abilities in future Ayalon Highways projects and possibly in other Ministry of Transport  projects.

The challenge included 6 companies in the fields of video analytics based on Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) held for two days and inspected the ability to monitor and analyze the ever-growing amounts of video recording from highways and streets surveillance cameras, bus stations, parking monitors, attraction centers and more in an effective and agile way.

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viisights is a certified video analytics vendor for Ayalon Highways’ starting 2020.

Photo credit: Elad grobner

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