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AI-driven Behavioral Recognition Helps Fight COVID-19 Pandemic

April 5, 2020 12:48 pm

Enhance Every Video Stream with Video Understanding Technology

The world was caught unprepared for COVID-19 and its profound consequences on public health and the economy. Highly contagious and able to pass from carriers without active symptoms, the coronavirus has spread rapidly across the globe.

Restrictions on public gatherings, use of public spaces and work outside the home are only effective at curbing the spread of COVID-19 if the public adheres to them. Monitoring and enforcing public compliance with these dramatic social restrictions pose a daunting challenge to governments and public authorities.

viisights’ artificial-intelligence driven video analytics solutions can help authorities, enterprises and medical centers monitor and enforce restrictions on public activity necessary to contain the corona virus and to save lives. viisights can also provide valuable data for predicting possible outbreak areas by analyzing the traffic and density patterns of pedestrians and vehicles.

In addition, viisights’ solution can aid in maintaining public safety and order, something that will prove to be a challenge as lockdown measures result in closed businesses and greater economic hardship for many people. With the prospect of looting, vandalism and robberies on the horizon, viisights is poised to assist law enforcement in preserving public order during this trying time.

viisights technology protects public privacy: it only analyzes general behavior patterns of individuals and groups. It does not identify faces or license plates.




  • Crowd And Group Behavior
  • Suspicious Activity Recognition
  • Violent Activity Recognition
  • Perimeter Protection And Safety
  • Traffic Monitoring
  • Data Collection for Statistics, Predictions & Heatmaps


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