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viisights Joins NVIDIA Metropolis Software Partner Program

February 3, 2019 12:25 pm

. TEL AVIV, Israel, Feb. 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — viisights, a developer of an innovative video intelligence platform for behavioral recognition, announced today that it has joined NVIDIA’s Metropolis Software Partner Program (MSPP). viisights’ Discover Experiencer (VDE) real-time video analytics application will be part of the program’s curated list of applications that make it easy for systems integrators and hardware vendors to build new security solutions.

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Using NVIDIA GPU technologies, VDE provides advanced real-time behavioral understanding (“actionable insights”) of scenes, events and actions within massive amounts of video streams. It is capable of automatically understanding location types such as roads, sidewalks or fields without any manual setup that add context to actionable insights.

VDE is based on viisights’ proprietary video understanding technology stack. It includes cognitive computing technologies, unique hierarchical object structure, cost-effective deep neural networks that yield knowledge pertaining to scene participants and their behavior, and a holistic analysis engine that recognizes object behavior using a top-down temporal approach.

By providing an understanding of real-time video streams, viisights enriches the video analytics market with a solution that advances beyond object classification. Combined with NVIDIA GPU technology, viisights’ video understanding technology delivers high-performance artificial intelligence capabilities that extract new and dynamic actionable insights, while disrupting a market that relies on static object classification product features.

To create reliable market solutions with high accuracy and extremely low false positive rates, VDE uses NVIDIA Tesla GPUs throughout a continuous training process pertaining to its intelligent neural network. The company additionally uses NVIDIA GPUs to provide near real-time response times while processing vast amounts of parallel streams.

ABOUT viisights

viisights is a leading provider of video analytics intelligence systems leveraging unique deep video
understanding technology. The company provides video analytics solutions for safe and smart cities, smart businesses, infrastructures, public safety and more. viisights was founded by a group of serial entrepreneurs with proven track records in building and developing businesses that rely on innovative, state-of-the-art technologies. viisights’ mission statement is to develop artificial intelligence technologies that facilitate human-like video understanding, in order to create fully autonomous video intelligence systems powered by pattern prediction technology.



Maya Scheyer
Head of Business Development 

SOURCE viisights

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