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Interview with ASMAG featuring Maya Scheyer, Head of Business Development

May 22, 2018 10:29 am

Behavior recognition has become more important than ever in security. Behaviors like people fighting or having an argument can be dangerous to an end user organization and should be detected and dealt with as quickly as possible. To that end, artificial intelligence and deep learning can be a big enhancer for behavior recognition, helping the system recognize different types of behavior with greater accuracy and precision.

That was the point raised by Maya Scheyer, Head of Business Development at viisights, which has developed various deep learning-based behavior recognition solutions. One of them is Discovery Experiencer, which is equipped with advanced analytics capabilities including violence recognition, suspicious activity recognition and crowd management that are useful in safe and smart cities, smart businesses, critical infrastructures, transportation hubs, border security and more. Separately, viisights has also unveiled Central Intelligent Motion Detection, the first AI-based central motion detector which is installed as second-layer analytics in command and control centers for reducing false alerts originated from edge motion detector.
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