Blog: The Video Understanding Revolution

March 10, 2020 11:36 am

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By Preethi Devarajan

viisights’ journey began when CPO Menashe Rothschild came to the team with an idea to venture into the field of video content management. Videos encapsulate huge amounts of unstructured information and so the team set out with the aim of creating a technology that would be able to extract this information and understand videos similar to how humans do. They knew that if they could achieve this, there could be many uses for the technology, like improved content management, content targeting and video search. However, it was not long before they realized that the true value for this technology was in the field of video surveillance. By focusing on the domain of video analytics, viisights offers something more valuable than improved video management and analysis. It offers improved urban and enterprise safety, security and mobility. 


Given that the market for video analysis technology in the surveillance field is huge, it is not surprising that there are competitors. However, majority of these competitors use old pixel analysis technology capable of recognizing mostly static objects like humans and vehicles, while some other competitors use image recognition technology to classify objects and some of their attributes. What viisights does differently – making it a leader in its space – is to use artificial intelligence (AI) to provide richer recognition capabilities such as understanding object actions, events, scenes and contexts. What viisights brings to the table is contextual and behavioral understanding, both key to taking surveillance technology to the next level.

viisights’ ability to detect behavior and events like aggression and vehicle collision is what makes it a key player when it comes to increasing the response rates of command and control centers. Centralized monitoring of hundreds of video streams in these centers can often be overwhelming and despite the many pairs of eyes watching, emergency or abnormal situations are often overlooked or missed. The risks associated to human error are extremely high in these centers, especially in situations like road accidents or general public safety (e.g. violence), where every second saved matters. Herein lies the potential for artificial intelligence (AI) to aid human capabilities, making viisights the perfect solution. With viisights’ technology, the officers at the command and control centers can be alerted when events of interest are detected in a particular video stream. In this way, viisights has the potential to improve the efficiency of emergency response rates at these centers.

Taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture, it is not hard for one to see that better surveillance and faster emergency response rates all lead to improved urban safety. This then results in an increase in quality of life, as communities and their people feel safer and have confidence in the security and monitoring of their city. Safety authorities will also be better able to deliver the security and help that they are expected to provide. Ultimately, viisights is a prime example of how AI and ML, when used in the right ways, can improve quality of life. 



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