Behavioral Recognition Sets a New Benchmark for Video Analytics

August 12, 2020 9:58 am

Video analytics have come a long way in just a few short years. First introduced with what is now considered basic functionality like motion and object recognition, new video analytics technology is now changing the landscape in video surveillance, transforming the application of video from a passive to a proactive real-time solution. The implications of this are tremendous for security and safety applications, empowering operators with the ability to quickly identify and react to potentially dangerous situations as they evolve, and in some instances, before escalating by using advanced behavioral predictive patterns. This is game changing technology.

viisights is spearheading this effort with an advanced behavioral recognition solution that employs deep learning and time-based vision analysis capable of automatically detecting, analyzing, and differentiating human, vehicles and other objects behaviors in real-time. This includes previously indistinguishable events caught on video such as an individual slipping and falling versus being just bending over, two people embracing versus fighting, a peaceful group of people walking versus a crowd in action, and more.

The ability to automatically detect and distinguish different types of events from virtually any video source provides law enforcement and security professionals with the ability to more effectively protect people, property and assets on any scale. All while minimizing false alerts and reducing the manpower and associated costs necessary to monitor vast numbers of live and recorded video sources.

viisights innovative analytics engine can also help organizations fight the spread of COVID-19 with the ability to recognize close proximity encounters between individuals that may violate social distancing mandates, and detect if individuals are wearing protective face masks.

Equally important, viisights behavioral recognition solution provides personal privacy protection by not identifying faces or license plates. However, it can be applied with third party analytics like facial and license plate recognition analytics when and where required for high security applications.

viisights behavioral recognition solution transcends other AI based analytics because it’s based on real-time temporal and holistic video streaming analysis using video clips rather than standalone images utilizing convolutional neural networks and LSTM models for training its core AI engine. This creates a unique event signature that includes the scene, participants and their extracted features, such as positioning, movement, size, and relationship with others to detect high-interest situations in progress, and to automatically send alerts to other investigative applications.

Detectable events include people fighting, riots and vandalism, people brandishing weapons, blood on individuals, contextual loitering, a person abandoning an object, people wearing or not wearing masks, movements such as running, walking, or climbing, groups of people gathering or running, people climbing over fences or loitering near a fence, people entering a perimeter without permission, people in roadways, vehicles on sidewalks, vehicle collisions, traffic jams, people riding bicycles or motorcycles, people entering or exiting a vehicle, smoke and fire detection, and more. Nothing else on the market delivers this level of field proven behavioral recognition capabilities – truly setting a new benchmark in video intelligence.

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