• Ad/Message Targeting
  • Dynamic Hotspots


  • Brand Safety
  • Content Safety


  • Similarity Engine
  • Thumbnail Detection
  • Content Description Language


  • Content Slots/Scene Classification
  • Video User Profile

Discover Experiencer™

Discover content premium moments, remarkable scenes, and similar clips or find the best thumbnail for the content. Search by content objects (visual/vocalized/textual), search by scene.

  • Powering search and recommendation engines
  • Content Similarity Detection (CSD) technology for enhancing video content recommendations and search
  • Enabling technology for advanced search and recommendations within any video content by object, celebrity, POI, category, sentiment, brand, actions, events and themes
  • Recommendation and search by time-slots and scenes
  • Thumbnail Detection – increase user’s engagement by presenting the most compelling and representative banner.

Trust Experiencer™

Keeping your brands safe from inappropriate content (violence, graphics) and compliant with brand identity black list concepts, which can be plane crash for travel agency or obesity for a fast food network

  • Violence detection
  • Nudity detection
  • Pornography detection
  • Profane Content detection
  • Alcohol and Tobacco (i.e. smoking)
  • Duplicate content detection
  • Brand identity safe-zone (black list)

Target Experiencer™

Target best personal communication message (e.g. ad/service) by utilizing behavioral profiles and contextual data – making sure the user watching experience remains entertaining and smooth.

  • User contextual and behavioral targeting
  • Automatically identify content genre, category or theme in the whole content or in a specific scene (discover premium content & moments)
  • Target by thumbnail, object, action, theme, POI, celebrity and brand detection.
  • Target by content or scene sentiment.
  • Enhance your audience with contextual and behavioral video meta-data to allow the most accurate audience targeting (IAB Tier 1, 2 & 3 and customized categories).
  • Discover the best slots for inserting an ad (or overlay personal communication) for a user through our “dynamic hotspot™” feature.

Common Experiencer™

Infrastructure platform that serves all other products.
Time slots and scene classification – each content before being analyzed is automatically divided into scenes or timeslots; later on each scene and timeslot are analyzed by advanced computer vision and natural language processing algorithms and the extracted entities are aggregated for a complete content understanding.
Video user profile management – this component is responsible for creating and updating the contextual and behavioral user profile based on online user interaction (via publisher or advertisers requests) with the listed above products (i.e. portfolio products). The portfolio products are looking into the user profile whenever they need to personalize their response and updating it with every request or reported conversion.

Dynamic hot-spots™

This viisights’s unique innovative technology knows how to dive into time slots and scenes of a video and mark the most relevant scenes for the user who is watching the content. For each such scene the user personalized targeting parameters are calculated – for optimal ad, overlay communication targeting, recommendation or search.