viisights is a Data Management and Intelligence Platform designed specifically for monetizing digital video assets. viisights developed a unique video understanding technology which is able to handle any type of video content.  The service creates time-aware personalized hotspots right within the content describing the contextual and behavioral user watching experience. The extracted meta-data, known as Video Content Description Language (VCDL), is the service back-bone powering:

Content Discovery

  • Automatic content and scene classification - Identify content genre, category or theme in complete content or a specific scene (discover premium content & moments).
  • Content Similarity Detection (CSD) technology for enhancing video content recommendations and search.
  • Enabling technology for advanced search and recommendations within any video content by object, celebrity, POI, category, sentiment, brand, action, event and theme.
  • Best thumbnail detection.

Brand and content safety services

  • Dynamically classify scenes as brand safe to help brands run with confidence.

Advertising Monetization

  • Deliver highly relevant targeting data for ads, promotions or other personalized communication. For example, metadata that describes the manufacturer and the model of a car being driven in a particular scene of a movie or a premium moment like a wedding or couple kissing.
  • Discover premium moments in user-generated, professional or featured content opening up previously non-targetable inventory.
  • Build deep user profiles with rich behavioral and contextual data amassing detailed data about the content a user views.


Asaf Birenzvieg


Asaf is highly experienced professional with strong mix of managerial and technical skills. Asaf has more than 20 years of software engineering experience in strategic planning, product development, building organizations and operations. Former CEO & Founder of Zaponet – data science solution, sold to Ness Technologies. Former Director of Engineering at Jumptap, sold to Millennial Media. Prior to Jumptap, Asaf was an R&D manager at Amdocs content division leading the first development and implementation of Amdocs digital commerce platform. Asaf has a B.Sc. in information system engineering from the Technion and MBA in business management from Bar-Ilan University.

Menashe Rothschild


Menashe has a record of leading strategy planning, product development and technology in a variety of companies and domains. His areas of expertise include internet, advertising, media, telecom, mobile and e-health. Adept at driving strategy at start-up and large established global technology companies in innovative environments. He served as CTO at Comverse, one of the world’s leading telecom providers, as well as holding various executive and board positions in several companies.

Simon Polak

Chief Scientist & Research

Simon Polak is the Chief Scientist of viisights. He has BA (summa cum laude) and MSc in Computer Sciences from Technion and spent 5 years in Computer Sciences PhD program in Hebrew University He has 14 years of experience in research and development in the field of Machine Learning with applications to Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing both in the academia and the industry (Intel, JustVisual).

Amjad Akkawi


Amjad experience spans all aspects of architecting, designing and building, implementing and deploying a complex, distributed, scalable and highly-perform real-time information, big data and mission-critical systems in a global internet environment. He is former co-founder of Zaponet – data science solutions, sold to Ness Technologies. Amjad served as CTO in Zaponet and later in NESS Technologies. Prior to Zaponet, he fills various development leading positions in JumpTap, Galil Software and Neustar. He Holds a MA in Computer Science from the Braunschweig University of Technology in Germany.


Data Manager Lead
Full Stack Software Engineer/Team Lead
Data Scientist/Algorithm Developer Expert
VP of Product Management

Data Manager Lead

Data Manager Lead

  • We are looking for top-notch experienced hands-on data/content manager for building and leading small group of data managers. In the beginning it would be just you and later you will need to expand your team.
  • Defining the details of the data-sets that are required for training and testing our state-of-the-art computer vision and audio and text analytics algorithms
  • Collecting and tagging massive content items (e.g. images, video, and text) in timely manager according to engineering and product instructions. Test the quality of the company’s recognition and analysis algorithms through iterative training process.
  • Working with external resources and service providers, i.e. Amazon Mechanical Turk, Contractor
  • Constantly work on optimizing the training and quality assurance processes by creating updating working procedures and tasks methodologies by using various tools and driving engineering platform requirements.
  • Scale and manage a small team of content editors like yourself.
Required Skills
  • Highly experienced content/data manager with expertise in defining, collecting, tagging, testing and managing massive amount of content for training machine learning algorithms – A Must Have.
  • Experience in managing massive amount of content/data items (tens of millions)
  • Excellent proven content/data collection and search skills via the open web and via web proprietary resources.
  • Detailed oriented – knows how to pay attention to details – A Must Have
  • Experience in managing content (images and videos) for training of computer vision algorithm – Big Advantage
  • Experience in building scalable content management working procedures and methodologies for massive amount of content – Big Advantage.
  • Experience in managing small team (2-5 people) – Big Advantage.
  • Forward thinking: Able to inspire, predict trends, develop a vision and a roadmap.
  • Excellent interpersonal and written/oral communication skills
  • Ability to quick learn and utilize new technology and tools

Full Stack Software Engineer/Team Lead

Full Stack Software Engineer/Team Lead


We are looking for top-notch full-stack experienced software engineer to join the R&D team. As a senior member of the R&D team you will be responsible for the end-2-end development of various components of our product. You will work on the design and implementation of state-of-the-art distributed video intelligence system that aim to revolutionize the way video in being understood by machines. You will face performance, scalability and engineering challenges in creating a unique value proposition to our customers.

  • Given a high level functional specification write high-level and detailed technical specifications & designs for complex distributed SAAS cloud systems.
  • Transforms algorithm pseudo-code to a highly scalable and performant functional server-side code.
  • Develop – from design to deployment - large-scale, distributed SAAS system in cloud hosted environment.
  • Develop – from design to deployment - end-2-end (data->server->user-interface) platform code for collecting, analyzing and analyzing large amounts of data in big-data and multi-tenant environment.
  • Design and Develop automation platform for A/B, Unit, System and Integration testing.
  • Participate in building a state of the art engineering environment, using agile methodologies, to handle all the phases of the product – from design to customer support
Required Skills
  • Bachelor degree in Information Technology, Computer Science or related field – A Must.
  • Al least 7 years of proven experience in similar role – A Must.
  • Experience in designing, building and supporting large scalable distributed systems or platforms that handles massive amounts of data – A Must.
  • Ability to rapidly learn new technologies and tools – A Must.
  • Expert knowledge in building distributed SAAS cloud-base systems – A Must
  • Experience in public cloud environment of at least one major vendor – A Must.
  • Experience as a strong JAVA/Scala software engineer working on highly scalable and performance systems – A Must.
  • Knowledge in design patterns for high performance, scalable, distributed and efficient architecture and code – Big Advantage.
  • Experience in multi-tenant architectures and implementation – Big Advantage.
  • Experience in building User interfaces, reports, dashboards, multi-dimensional cubes and using data exploration tools – big advantage.
  • Experience in hadoop (map-reduce, hive, pig) – big advantage.
  • Experience in modeling structured and untrusted data into key-value and document nosql store – big advantage.
  • Experience in modeling structured and untrusted data into key-value and document nosql store – big advantage.
  • Experience in nosql data stores e.g. Couchbase, MongoDB and Cassandra – big advantage.
  • Experience with data-collection tools and technologies e.g. scribe, flume –advantage.
  • Excellent communication skills and customer facing orientation – a must.

Data Scientist/Algorithm Developer Expert

Data Scientist/Algorithm Developer Expert


We are looking for top-notch algorithm developer expert in the fields of Recommender Systems, User profiling, Ad-Targeting or Personalization Engines with advanced knowledge and experience in machine learning algorithms for leading the algorithmic development of a unique personalization and user profile engines that are part of our product. Those components will be part of a state-of-the-art Data-Management and Monetization-Platform aiming to monetize digital video assets by video advertising. As a leading team member you will have a significant role in the company being responsible for all functions and aspects of our personalization, profiling and application algorithmic logic. You would be responsible for requirements analysis, design, prototyping, testing and simulation of those engines. The optimal candidate would be hands-on recommender systems or ad-targeting algorithm developer with real world experience in algorithm design, optimization and implementation.

Required Skills
  • Proven experience in design and development of machine learning algorithms for one of the following: recommender systems, personalization engines and user profile engines, ad-targeting engines or yield optimization engines – A Must.
  • M.Sc. or Phd. degree in computer science, electrical engineering, software engineering or related field – A Must.
  • Strong track records in algorithmic academic research with expertise in creating data plans for analysis and simulation, predictive analytics, machine learning and text mining algorithms, social network graph & analysis, data mining – A Must.
  • Knowledge in at least one of the following data-analysis tools: SAS, SSPS, R, STATA, Matlab, RapidMiner etc. – A Must.
  • Experience in working in ad-tech companies – Big advantage
  • Experience in Computer vision, Audio or Text analytics – Big advantage
  • Experience in handling massive amount of data structured and unstructured reside in a big-data store (e.g. Hadoop) - Big Advantage.
  • Excellent knowledge in SQL, Excel – A Must.
  • Knowledge in Python, Perl, Awk, Bash – Advantage.
  • Knows how to tells a story from data analysis and visualize data, experience in at least one of the major data visualization tools.
  • Excellent communication skills.

VP of Product Management

VP of Product Management


We are looking for top-notch VP of Product in the field of advertising technologies with experience and expertise in defining, creating and managing product specifications, with at least one of the following: Data-Management-Platform, SSPs, Exchanges, DSP or Ad-networks. You would be responsible for converting the company’s strategy to brand new most innovative ad-tech product in the industry of digital video. You will supervise the product definition and the product development, and will have full responsibility for delivering the top notch product we are building. As a leading team member you will join the company management team and would be responsible on all aspects of product management and product development activities. You will be in charge for product management (specifications toward engineering) and product development (the engineering team). The optimal candidate would be hands-on senior product manager director or vice-president from the company types listed above, with deep technology understanding which successfully create products from vision and had significant role in market delivery which generated tens of millions of dollar in revenues.

Required Skills
  • Bachelor degree or higher in Information Technology, Computer science, Finance, Business management or related field – A Must Have.
  • At least 10 years’ experience as a Senior Director or VP of product management for an ad-tech company – A Must Have.
  • Domain expert knowledge in at-tech industry: eco-system, data management challenges, ad-targeting, yield optimization, user profiling, ad-exchanges, ad-buying and ad-serving – A Must Have.
  • Experience in converting company vision into detailed oriented product specification and product marketing activities – MUST Have.
  • Experience in agile development methodology – Big advantage.
  • Experience in engineering and engineering processes - Big advantage.
  • Experience in using products that use data for competitive advantage – Big advantage.
  • Adequate knowledge of the Big Data as a domain: From business implications to the range of technologies, via product and architectural aspects.
  • Excellent business and technical analytical skills – ability to analyze & solve complex problems in large domains.
  • Project management skills, ability to manage tasks with direct and indirect subordinates – big advantage.
  • Business analysis: Proven competency in business analysis, requirements definition and business case production.
  • Proven influencer and communicator with stakeholders at all levels.
  • Forward thinking: Able to inspire, predict trends, develop a vision and a roadmap.
  • Flexibility: has a flexible approach to change, is able to work effectively in a variety of situations, under ambiguity, seeks improvements and looks to the future.
  • Communication: strong writing and presentational skills; ability to clearly communicate complex messages to a variety of audiences including senior management and to the board of directors. – A must.

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